The platform for contemporary photography bridging Sweden and Italy.

SWIT is a curatorial and research project founded in 2022 by Stefano Conti.

What we do

SWIT aims to strengthen the cooperation between Sweden-based and Italy-based emerging artists working with photography, supporting them through cultural exchanges. 

How we do it

SWIT is nomadic. Through the establishment of informal opportunities for dissemination and production of knowledge (such as exhibitions, residencies, talks, publications, and online activities), the platform aims to stimulate a continuous process of mutual enrichment between Sweden and Italy.

Why we do it

The ultimate goal of the cultural exchanges activated by SWIT is twofold. On one hand, they allow artists to gain exposure and establishment in new contexts abroad. On the other, they ensure that different audiences in different cities can access unique and original knowledge through collaborative and informal frameworks.

Our projects are generously supported by:
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Operiamo su base volontaria. Appena riceveremo più sovvenzioni ci preoccuperemo di tradurre l’intero sito in italiano e svedese.

We work on a voluntary basis. As soon as we will get access to more funding, we will translate the website in both Italian and Swedish.


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