Matteo Girola

(Milan, 1983) is a Ravenna-based artist. He holds an MFA in Photography from Brera Fine Arts Academy, Milan.

By employing his photographs and found material, Girola explores how images can be used to convey narratives between fiction and reality. By doing so, he reflects upon the uncertainties and changes connected to the act of seeing and its unrevealed process. As a result, his practice becomes an investigation of our visual understanding of the world.

1,2- Viewfinders, publication. 54 pages, ed. 30 (2021)
3- Geo Logiche; Fino alla fine della strada 0019 (Norway), glicée print mounted on aluminum, 60 x 40 x 4 cm, wooden frame (2012)
4- Out of the blue #4 (crollo), giclée print on cotton paper, oak frame, museum glass, 75 x 50 x 4 cm (2014)
5- Luce dei miei occhi, black and white slides, viewers. Installation view from Galleria Giacomo, Bergamo (2019)