Sara Davide

(Milan, 1994) is a Milan-based visual artist. She holds a BA in Sculpture from the Visual Art department at Brera Fine Arts Academy, Milan, and a MA in Photography from Cfp Bauer, Milan. She is interested in creating a continuous play between integration and assimilation within photography and materials.

Davide’s practice focuses on the analysis of details and on the importance they acquire on the whole. Attention and observation are fundamental methods she uses to connect with her surroundings. Mysterious, oneiric and illusory elements are tools Davide employs to generate estrangement and need for reflection in the works, often questioning the reality we live in. In her practice, the skin is a recurring motif that creates a connection with an inner sphere rather than a superficial one.

1- ecdisi, DeepDream process, photographic print on silicon skin 20 x 20 cm (2020)
2- incorporarsi, photographic print on marble slab, 20 x 30 cm (2018)
3, 4- hoc videns, publication, 2021 (2016/18)
5- autoritratto, giclée print mounted on aluminum with frame, 50 x 75 cm, 2020 (Installation view Premio Fabbri, IT, 2021)